Detox Life Spray

    It Can Be Used At Any Point Of The Day, Anytime!

  • As Per The Ions Theory, Negative Ions Are Believed To Be Very Beneficial For The Improvement Of Health And Mental Fitness.
  • We Offers, A Detox Spray Product Has Been Formulated With An Unique Approach Of Attracting The Negative Ions Present In The Environment.
  • With The Little Spray Of It Near Your Face And Ears, You Get An Instant Effect Over Your Body.
  • It Will Increase The Quantity Of Negative Ions In The Environment When Inhaled.



Original Silver, Diamond Pendant

Original Silver, Diamond Pendant 4gm Silver With International Certificate Of Authenticity

  • 1) Metal Purity : 92.5 Silver
  • 2) Weight : 4 Grams
  • 3) Diamond : 0.04 Carat

  • 4 Gms Silver & .04 Carat Diamond



    Dead Sea Mud Anti-tan Pack

    This Anti-tan Pack Is Designed For Tan Caused By Harsh Sunlight In Summers. It Instantly Clear The Stubborn Tan And Damages Caused By Sun And Gives You Refreshing Glow. With The Perfect Application And Right Amount Of Usage This Product Can Help You In Getting Rid Of The Tan That Is Caused By Harsh Sunlight.

    How To Use:
    Clean The Face And Apply The Pack With The Help Of Brush And Wait Until It Gets Dry, Then Take Little Water In Hands Massage The Face And Clean It Off With Cotton/Cloth



    Dead Sea Mud Mask

    The Purifying Face Mask Creates A Delicate Exfoliating Effect, Which Helps Remove Toxins And Dead Skin Cells And Encourages The Skin Regeneration Process. This Smoothes The Skin's Outer Layer And Creates A Sense Of Softness, Well-being And Relaxation. Skin Care Using The Dead Sea Mud Mask Is Suitable For All Skin Types, But Is Especially Effective For Skin Suffering From A Functional Imbalance.

    How To Use:
    Clean The Face And Apply Mud Mask Over The Face And Wait Until It Gets Dry Then Wash It With Water For Glowing Skin



    Dead Sea Mud Massage

    Dead Sea Facial Massage Cream Is A Delicate Modular Massage Cream Designed For Facial Massage Of All Skin Types. Made Of Dead Sea Minerals This Cream Blends Easily With Additional Gel Additives To Increase The Skin's Hydration Or When Taken With The Whole Kit It Gives The Best Results And Makes Your Skin Extra Glowing. It Is An Unique Blend Of Carefully Selected Ingredients That Work Together To Thoroughly Cleanse The Facial Skin, Hydrate And Soothe It.

    How To Use:
    Apply The Massage Cream Over Face For Smooth Finish And Massage For 8-10 Min.



    Dead Sea Mud Scrub

    The Scrub Contains Real Clay Sourced From The Bottom Of The Dead Sea, Which Feeds Your Skin A High Concentration Of Minerals That Naturally Tone, Detoxify And Exfoliate, Leaving You With A Younger-looking, More Radiant Complexion. It Cleans Out The Germs In Your Skin And Gives You An Everlasting Glow With Freshness.

    How To Use:
    Clean Your Face And Take Nominal Amount Of Scrub In Your Hands, With The Help Of Water Massage The Scrub Gently On Skin And Wait For It To Get Dry And Then Wash Your Face.



    Dead Sea Salt Cleanser

    The Dead Sea Clay Is Unique Due To Its High Concentrations Of Salts And Minerals. It Is Particularly Rich In Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium And Calcium. Use Of Dead Sea Mud Has Been Studied In Connection With Health Benefits And Healing Properties For Physical Ailments. Our Cleansing Milk Is Made Out Of Selected Minerals From The Sea Which Opens The Pores Of The Skin And Allow It To Take The Essential Elements Which Are Beneficial For The Skin.

    How To Use:
    Wash Your Face With Clean Water And Apply Cleanse, Massage For 2-3 Min And Remove It Off With The Help Of Cotton.



    Dead Sea Salt Moisturizer

    We Offer Pure Dead Sea Salt Moisturizer. This Product Can Be Used With Other Facial Kit As Well. With The Fresh Mud Gel, It Clarifies The Impurities Of The Skin And Makes It Smooth. This All-natural Moisturizing Cream Conditions Your Skin With The Required Healing And Transforms The Skin From Being Dull To Exotic.

    How To Use:
    After Cleaning The Scrub From Face, Rub The Moisturizer With Light Hands For 5 Min Till The Skin Fully Absorbs It.